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thirst for you - Poem - love poem

thirst for you - poem- poetry

thirst for you

be insatiable to look at your juicy lips

Thirst for you that you walk so safely

crazy thirst that craves my cravings for your laughter

thirst that burns in desires

thirst for drought forest

my lips feel thirsty for your lips

my eyes thirst for your eyes

my hugs thirsty, thirsty for yours

thirst that to heady, thirst that to seduce

thirst that fills the lungs of desire

Thirst for you and your body.

thirst that provokes and annihilates

my soul is burning with love

is complementing in thirst flames

thirst for thirst, eternal thirst, thirst for your thirst.

thirst to quench your thirst

burning with my flame

With the fire of pleasure

thirsty for your thirst,

that calms down with the water

of the flames of two bodies

that feels thirsty.

poem thirst for you poetry

Karen the girl of Facebook - short-story-karen-the-girl-of-facebook-short-scary-stories

Karen the girl of Facebook - Short Story

Karen the girl of Facebook - short-story-karen-the-girl-of-facebook-short-scary-stories

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