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the mystery can be in the least expected place. people lie easily, cheat undetected, seduce at will. Short stories of a modern life that surpasses the limits of legends and urban myths, Mystery stories full of secrets, of enigmas of that mystery that hides in the letters of the poems that are woven sensually around emotions, feelings, dreams, and desires .

Books and Novels

Books and Novels

Apple Kiss

Poetry Book

It is a sweet hot spicy, exquisite collection of poetry and prose, divided into three chapters. Each chapter has a different purpose. The chapters are for ecstasy, for healing, for dedication, for loving, for the oppressed, for the broken. This book teaches you to love yourself and others. it is better to experience it, to read it than to describe it, so sit down, drink some coffee or your favorite drink and let yourself feel, heal and have one of the best moments.

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