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Don’t blame yourself - Poem - love poem

Don’t blame yourself - poem- poetry

Don’t blame yourself

accept your mistakes, accept imperfection

in your steps

don't blame yourself for the past

forget it and bury it

always learning from the lessons

accept that only you are responsible for your life

there is no other, there are no others

don't blame anyone or anything

don't put anything in luck

because luck is a pretext

the pretext of failure.

get up, fight, walk, enjoy!

look with the look of dawn

he sighs with the strength of triumph.

decide your way

build your destiny

learn from those who have achieved it

learn from the strongest and boldest

of those who do not give up before obstacles

of those who will be fine

regardless of the conditions or problems

learn to move on

not to justify yourself as a child

never, never and never

you complain about your life, your luck

accept it, face it

with the courage of the warriors

and win the battle of your life

because the best of wins

it comes from the ashes of mistakes and failures.

remember that there are no perfect moments

and the moment you decide to go ahead

that, that will be your moment.

poem Don’t blame yourself poetry

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