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my words - poem- poetry

 my words

among the incredulous looks of the recognized poets

they read my words, they laugh halfway

their eyes see each other

meanwhile I’m still looking at the sky

I’m getting tangled up in thoughts

dreaming and touching dreams

surely my calendar is without dates

my words in the shadow

I’m still dumbfounded in the deep blue color

watching the flutter soft, light and beautiful

of the birds

birds that go free, figuring, falling and rising

like a rainbow.

with nothing new in the world

i stop at the details,

in the breeze that gives my face

in the warmth of a smile

without inventing, without pretending

stuck to time,

the letters are attached to the sheets

they come off with the wind

they fall to the ground so delicate

that are writes

in the souls

of who reads them

from the heart

poem my words poetry

Karen the girl of Facebook - short-story-karen-the-girl-of-facebook-short-scary-stories

Karen the girl of Facebook - Short Story

Karen the girl of Facebook - short-story-karen-the-girl-of-facebook-short-scary-stories

Karen is a girl who appears to be younger, she lives a lot of time connected to the Internet, most the people would say that she is an exemplary, loving, candy and responsible girl ... but someone who does not think that way he says that she is very dangerous and she should be in jail.

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poems subtle like the life, powerful as the short stories, fragile and strong like love. Poems impregnated with sentences from the heart, with mystery. poems that feel with the soul..

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